You’ll see Cafeína is your favourite party! Frequently we organise an amazing party with a clubby atmosphere and pretty people at different locations in Antwerp City, Ghent Hasselt, Ostend, …

Our concept is based on beautiful people, good (deep) house music and perfect atmosphere. Several editions are our own productions, they are one of the biggest parties in Antwerp. Indeed: never seen before! Our dj’s will provide you from wicked tunes, colorful beats and sexy mixes.

Because renewals are important for us, we fill every edition with amazing and famous guest dj’s like: ROGER SANCHEZ, ANDREA OLIVA, FINNEBASSEN, DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE, NICK CURLY, LARSE, GREGOR SALTO, ROUL AND DOORS, DYRO, DANNIC, YVES-V, FUNKERMAN, CAZZETTE, SHARAM JEY, AN21, MAX VANGELI, RAMON TAPIA, COMPUPHONIC, Pat Krimson, Regi, Yves Deruyter, Marko De La Rocca, Neon, Creamminals, Dave Kane, Alec, Nico Morano, Dave Lambert, Yamo, Cemode, Don Cabron, Don Santos, Wess Vall, Maxim Lany, Elektrokid, Mike S, Joeri, Jean Delaru, Stijn, Audioboulevard, Phill Da Cunha, Disco Dasco, Seelen, 2Dirty, Mike B, Twins, Mr. Grammy, Rupert, Regi, Rafi Khan, Moeinza, Shéhérazade, Tofke, Roma, DJ Licious, Delafino, Bjorn Migdalski, Elenore, Lisa Nova, Nebahat Petrovci, Greg S, Eggi, Ralpheus, Deedz, Youri Parker, A-Tom-X, Ricardo, Moeinza, Beauhause, Ravenous, Vince Nova, ...

Cafeina Crew.jpg

We always try to transform our locations with surprises, innovations and refreshing beats. And we have of course an attractive and loyal crowd!

We started our concept in 2006 in an Antwerp downtown basement ‘Pier 19’, just for our friends. Afterwards we moved to Ramada Plaza Hotel with our crew and members. This was a great decision because our addicts doubled! We achieved more loyal partypeople! But also here the crowd was fantastic and still expanding.

So finally we decide to start up like a real party concept with entrance and now we have the possibility to give a marvellous party at magnificent and nice locations like: Bocadero, Waagnatie, La Rocca, Versuz, La Riva, Industria, Stuurboord, Culture Club,.... We always try to create an amazing atmosphere on each location!

Since 2008 we are proud to host a stage at world’s best festival: Tomorrowland! Together with our Belgian artists we had the opportunity to welcome international artists like Roger Sanchez, Gregor Salto, Andrea Oliva, Dannic, Dyro, Funkerman, AN21, Max Vangelli, Cazzette… In 2013 we travelled along with Dj Roma to TomorrowWorld (Atlanta) to represent Cafeína overseas for the first edition of TomorrowWorld!